The New Way to do Off-Price

We are using technology to make buying and selling easier, faster, and more profitable for both brands and retailers.

Creating Operational Efficiencies and Profitability for Retailers
Buy 25%+ more units
Save 80+ buying hours per month
Purchase in minutes

Access inventory efficiently from brands globally

Receive inventory at an earlier point of the season

View inventory offers with rich product data and images

Analyze financial metrics quickly and efficiently

Negotiate in real-time

Save time and money on PO process

Manage internal approvals on one platform

Buying Teams Can Spend More Time in Market Building their Business
Better Buys
  • See more inventory with content-rich details and images from more countries
  • Increase your global brand network
Streamlined Process
  • Buy more, faster
  • Calculate pricing by margin targets and ticket prices
Added Insight
  • Buy real-time on computer, mobile or tablet
  • See historical purchasing and negotiation history
What You Can Expect From Our Solution

Typical limited content product assortment:



Content-rich product assortment:


Redefining the Off-Price Sales Process
Move inventory 80% faster
Grow your buyer network 3x
Increase your closeout margin 23%+

Normalize data and create targeted assortments with rich product data and images

Analyze inventory in real-time and be proactive about disposition

Identify optimal buyers and set appropriate pricing for inventory

Sell to existing full-price buyers at a minimal discount

Analyze financial metrics and maximize recovery

Ensure that inventory is not oversold and automate order entry processes

Brands Can Be More Proactive
Improve Internal Visibility
  • Digitally allocate inventory and watch the activity on your offers by your multiple buyers
  • See in real-time your inventory and the history of your negotiations and sales trends for better selling
Drive Efficiency
  • Eliminate manual manipulation of Excel spreadsheets
  • Reduce negotiation time frame
  • Simplify data and image analysis
Drive Revenue
  • Proactively markdown your inventory
  • Expand global buyer network
  • Sell based on demand data rather than guesswork