Buying and selling excess inventory can be hard.
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It's time-consuming and can be messy.
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INTURN is the win-win off-price solution.
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We're making off-price easier for everyone.

Our off-price technology solution empowers brands and retailers to use automated workflow tools, a powerful pricing optimization engine, and business intelligence to gain visibility of their businesses. Whether you’re a brand or retailer, we’re making off-price easier for everyone.




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Our investors and advisors represent some of the most strategic and influential retail technology experts in the industry.

Benvolio Group
T5 Capital
Shuco LLC (an investment arm of Stanley S. Shuman)
Bam Ventures
Fabrice Grinda
Ian Osborne
Khajak Keledjian
Simple, automated, efficient.

Improved decision-making, increased cash flow, and optimized returns.



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